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8. 12. 2018 @ 20:00 – 23:00
Blues Café-Bar
Liliová 10
Prague 110 00
Sorrow & The Sea at Blue Sklep Prague @ Blues Café-Bar | Prague | Czech Republic

SORROW & THE SEA (scroll down for English)

Sorrow & The Sea je zbrusu nový vedlejší projekt Marka Steinera, amerického hudebníka žijícího převážně v norském Oslu. Od koncertování a nahrávání se svou skupinou Mark Steiner & His Problems si odskočil k duetu s Monikou Røise, půvabnou zpěvačkou a kytaristkou dívčí skupiny The Violets. Nahrávání singlu Rooftops se oběma tak zalíbilo, že se rozhodli v tomto projektu pokračovat a vydat se také na koncertní pódia. K tomu přizvali houslistu Pavla Cingla, který se Steinerem spolupracoval už na jeho minulém albu Saudade. Vrcholem letošní koncertní sezóny Sorrow & The Sea bude společný koncert s Johnem Parishem (P.J.Harvey) v prosinci norském Oslu.


Mark Steiner (Mark Steiner & His Problems) and Monica Røise (ex-The Violets) began their musical odyssey last May together during a late night studio session in Oslo, where they discovered a mutual love for the melancholy and the dark. With numerous shared influences ranging from everything from Nick Cave, PJ Harvey and Swans, to Yo La Tengo, Slowdive and Cranes to Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash and 16 Horsepower, the experienced duo have now embarked on a new journey across the oceans. Both stand at the helm and behine a shared steering wheel along with first mate Pavel Cingl (Snake-Eaters, Mark Steiner & His Problems, Jull Dajen) on violin. This December, the trio will make their debut performance as support for the legendary John Parish (of PJ Harvey fame) in Oslo before continuing on to play at Schokoladen, Berlin (alongside special guests Rufus Coates & The Blackened Trees), and then further shows in Czech Republic, including. A full-length album of new original material can be expected for release during the Spring of 2019.

A Story of Sorrow & The Sea

For years Sorrow wandered the lands aimlessly,
growing ever tired of the dust and the solitude.
Sorrow tried to speak with the Night, but the Night was always busy and bantering away.
So Sorrow tried to mingle with the Day, but the Day was too bright, and far too long.
Sorrow had felt most comfortable in the company of Twilight, but Twilight was always flirting with Time, and before Sorrow knew it, they were both gone.

And then one day, Sorrow came upon the Sea.

Gazing out at the Sea’s vast and endless majesty,
Sorrow became uncertain for the very first time.
So Sorrow sat up on a dune and pretended to look for something familiar up in the Sky.
The Sea then noticed Sorrow’s doubt and slowly began rolling her waves up the shore toward Sorrow.
“Tell me your story,” she whispered, “and I will tell you mine…”